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Threes a Crowd Management 

Natalie Anson-Wright

Sherwood Season 2 Regular

Natasha Vasandani

BBC: The Steeltown Murders

Gabriela Calun

HULU: We Are The Lucky Ones

Nic & Adam The Twins Macabre

Nic & Adam The Twins Macabre

Ruthie Presh-Lane

Lead in Innit The Musical

Kalldean Barton

Bob Marley Movie & Top Boy

Rob Astillo

Miki TheMusical

Tamaira Hesson

Riches, Vampire Diaries and a New Series

Mike Sheer

BBC: Everything I Know About Love Hulu: Black Cake

Mumbi Romani

HBO: Get Millie Black

Ana Cilas

Feature Film: Dune 2

Kurt Deed

Ch4: Queenie & Bloods

Vincent Rosec

ITV: Riches

Jon Campling

Harry Potter & Final Fantasy

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